Boston Scientific | CCS International Consultants Ltd.

Boston Scientific

Nature :
Corporate Office
Location :
BEA Harbour View Centre
Area :
20,000 SF
About this project :
Boston Scientific, a leading global company in the medical device industry, sought a new workspace that would facilitate high flexibility and collaboration. To meet their requirements, the CCS team introduced a curved and fluid design approach.

To provide flexibility for the sales department, hot desks with follow-me pedestals were implemented. This setup allows for adaptable use of space, enabling employees to work from different locations as needed.

The design also incorporates a half-circular, full-glazing multi-function room and a breakout pantry. These spaces serve as areas for team collaboration and idea exchange, promoting a dynamic and interactive work environment.

By incorporating these elements, CCS successfully created a workspace that aligns with Boston Scientific's goals for flexibility and collaboration.