CCS International Consultants Ltd.


CCS offers an integrated line of design & build services for your space.

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Turn-key Project Consultant

CCS will be your designer, project manager and main contractor.

We will work with you from the very beginning of the project and will provide total solution to you in every step of your workplace design & construction process.   We handle all the fit-out application & submission to the base building management office or Government authority.  We coordinate with the building’s nominated contractors & your IT Vendors.  We will be your chief project manager to ensure cost control, quality control and timely delivery.

Design Consultant

CCS will be your designer and project manager.

In the early stage of the project, we act as your interior designer to design your new workplace. When the design is accepted and finalized, we will provide full range of tendering service to help you to find the best contractor to take up the construction works. We will also take care the project management to ensure cost control, quality control and timely delivery.

Main Contractor

CCS will be your main contractor.

According to your specifications, we will furnish all labour, materials, tools, equipment and perform all the works and services to build your new workplace. Upon your request, we will be pleased to offer our participation to the project in developing the design concept & design details.

Pre-Lease Services

CCS helps our clients to find their best space in the best building through our Pre-Lease Service.

Pre-Lease Service includes:
- Existing Space Audit
- Future Space Requirement Analysis
- Base Buildings Comparison
- Test-Fit layout plans
- Budget Estimates for different choices